The Freedom Water Pump! (Installed in Eastern Idaho under the name GK Pump)

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Video of Pump in Action
Pump in ActionEvery well owner should have our simple hand operated water pump. Survival in an emergency depends on clean water and the Freedom Water Pump gives you access to your own clean water without depending on electricity.

"I was really impressed with the Freedom Water Pump. I had another hand pump previously and I could barely get the water to the surface before I was worn out. My wife couldn't do it. I was really surprised how fast the Freedom Water Pump was installed and how easy to use it was. I got 3 gallons per minute easily with minimal effort, and my wife can easily use it. We were very happy to tear the old pump out and replace it. I highly recommend this pump" Dave Noack, CEO Self-Reliant Living

"I had been looking for an affordable hand pump for my well for several years. I was so excited to learn of the Freedom Water Pump. I wish everyone could have one!" Mary Burton, Idaho

Deep Well Pump Freedom Water Pump
Price: $299.99