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Freedom Water Pump
Deep Well Pump
This is a deep well hand pump package good for depths up to 45 feet. You will need additional center sections for deeper installs. When you click to buy center drop sections, you will be able to view the chart to determine how many you need.

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Read the information in the description below to make sure you order exactly what you need for your individual circumstances
Price: $299.99

Product Code: FWPDW

This deep well hand pump will work great at all depths up to 300 feet. The output volume of this pump will be a little less if you are going deeper than 125 feet, all things being equal. Please refer to the videos and instruction sheets for questions on installing.

PLEASE NOTE: This package comes with everything you need for wells up to 45 feet deep. If you want to go deeper than 45 feet, you will need to order additional sections. For example, if you have a 250 foot well, you will need to order 31 center sections to go with this 45 foot package. ( 6'8" long x 31 sections = about 207 feet. Take the 45 foot base package plus the additional 207 feet of sections and it gives you an overall pump length of 252 feet.) When you click on center drop sections, the chart should help you order correctly. Please refer to the WELL CAP INFORMATION tab before ordering so you can specify the correct part needed at checkout. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at customersupport@freedomwaterpump.com with your questions and we'll get back to you.

We recommend installing your pump right away but it would be just fine to store the pump in a safe place and install it in the event of an emergency. Because there is no gluing required, the pump can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly which also allows you to take the pump with you wherever you go.
Pump in action.