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In 2008, Gaven Knighton started thinking about how he would get water in the event of an emergency. The submersible pump in his house well would be of little use without electricity. Gaven thought a hand operated pump was the obvious solution to the problem so he started looking for options. He noticed that there were few, if any, low cost manual pumps on the market that would do what he wanted so he decided he would build his own deep well hand pump. Soon he had a working design which he successfully installed in his own well. Not long after, he was approached by some curious neighbors who asked if he wouldn't mind building and installing a deep well hand pump for them. Gaven installed a few more pumps and soon the word began to spread. The pump became known as the GK Pump and more than a thousand pumps were installed in Eastern Idaho alone.

All of the pumps installed by Gaven and his daughter have been rigidly mounted through the well cap or well seal. While this type of installation has it's benefits, it requires some special tools and knowledge. Also, the pump was semi-permanent as much of it was assembled using PVC glue and crimp tools.

Demand for the pump kept growing, so Gaven developed a model that could be shipped out to and installed by anyone with a few common tools. The pump for sale on this website is the end result of his efforts and is proudly made in the USA. The Freedom Water Pump!


Idaho Engineer Invents Emergency Water Pump