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BEFORE YOU ORDER a deep well hand pump, please look over the WELL CAP INFORMATION tab to make sure you specify the correct part at checkout. When ordering, make sure you purchase a pump and enough center drop sections to reach below your electric pump. (When you click on center drop sections, you can see a chart below the main image. Mouse over it to see a larger image and determine how many lengths you need.) You can also purchase a well cap if you don't want to drill through your own cap or a chain and hanging plate if you want to do a concealed install below your cap or seal.

Deep Well Pump Freedom Water Pump

This deep well hand pump package is recommended for wells up to 300 feet deep. It comes with enough pipe to reach a depth of 45 feet so you will need to order more center drop sections if you want to go deeper than that. Click on the pump for more information.

Price: $299.99
Center Drop Section

6'8" long middle section used to customize your pump length. Order as many as you need to add length to the 45 foot base pump package.

Price: $9.99
Pre-drilled well cap

If you have a solid well cap, you can drill it with a 3/4" bit and thread it with a 1/2" pipe tap so that our deep well hand pump can be installed through it.  If you prefer, you can buy this cap made to fit a 6" casing which has already been drilled and tapped for you.  If you want to buy this to replace a well seal, make sure you do not have any pipes coming through your seal that are attached to your current electric pump.  Refer to the WELL CAP INFORMATION tab for more details.

Price: $24.99
Chain and Hanging Plate

We recommend installing our deep well hand pump through a cap or seal because the pump will always be available and will be more stable during operation.  However, if you want to do a concealed/removable install, you will need this part.

Price: $19.99
Pressurized Package Option

If you want to attach a hose to your Freedom Water Pump either by itself or to pump into a pressurized system, you will need to purchase this option along with the Freedom Water Pump.  You will also need to purchase a hose bib (not offered here) to use in place of the spout so that you can attach a hose.  This option will cause you to pump against an extra 4-5 pounds of pressure and pumping into a pressurized system will increase that further so it is not ideal for everyone.  If you are pumping into a pressurized system, you will also have to plug the weep hole in the drop pipe when you want to use it.  This will require you to pull your pump up about 10 feet each fall to unplug the weep hole to prevent freezing.  In many cases, it is easier to pump into a bucket and carry your water where you want it than to pump against the extra pressure.

List Price: $24.99
Price: $24.99