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What is a deep well hand pump?

If your home's water is supplied by a well, you have an electric pump. A hand pump is installed inside your well beside your existing pump and can be used to access your water in case of a power outage.

Why would I want a deep well hand pump?

Many people store food for emergencies but can only store a few gallons of water. A hand pump makes water available even when electricity isn't. We've also heard from several grateful customers who were able to get water when their electric pumps failed and they had to wait for repairs.

Will a hand pump interfere with my electric pump?

No. The freedom water pump is designed with a thin pipe that can be slid past your electric pump and pull from the same fresh water without interference.

How hard is the pump to install?

Assembly is very straight forward and easy to understand. Just make sure you read the
instructions and watch the videos on the website.
Installation can be a little daunting for some. Not all well configurations are the same, especially above the ground level, so it's difficult to say with any certainty how easy or difficult your install will be. Our instructional videos clarify how to install the freedom water pump in most well setups. The WELL CAP INFORMATION tab has videos to help you understand your own setup. If you still have questions after watching the videos, contact us at customerservice@freedomwaterpump.com and we can help you. Depending on your reason for purchasing the pump you might want to consider acquainting yourself with your well's setup and having a plan to install the pump only in the event of an emergency.

I'm hesitant to open up my existing water system. Should I be?

Given the fact that you will be working with your primary source of water, it's wise to put a little thought into what you'll be doing. All parts on the freedom water pump are made for potable water. Before ordering and installing your deep well pump, we recommend that you do a little research. Your state and local health departments can be a good source for information.

Most people ordering one of our pumps are likely doing so to have water in the event of an emergency. This pump can be stored in your garage indefinitely and then installed in a relatively short time if needed. Only you can decide what is best for your particular circumstance. There are advantages to installing your pump right away and there are advantages to waiting until it's needed to install.

How much water will I be able to pump?

The Freedom Water Pump produces about 3 gallons of water per minute on average. This will vary slightly based on how many strokes per minute a person is able to pump. A deep well means the water coming up the pipe will be heavier and it may slow your strokes, lessening overall production. We install narrower pumps for wells with static water below 80 feet to reduce the weight of the water. The following chart will give a good idea of the weight you will be pulling against at different depths, including friction. Their will be some added friction if your pump is set considerably lower than your static water.

Does the Freedom Water Pump stay primed?

Yes. Our manual pump has a weep hole about 10 feet from the top to prevent issues with freezing. The water will weep out to this point and then stay at that height so you will only need a few strokes to get water each time you return to use your pump.

Do you do installs?

If you live in or close to Eastern Idaho, we can install the pump for you. Group discounts and/or mileage charges may apply. Pricing is different. Call Stephanie at 208-313-9407 for details.